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South End's Albany Street corridor could get more life-sciencey with Wareham Street proposal

A pair of developers say they will soon file plans to replace five rundown buildings and a parking lot on Wareham and Plympton streets with a five-story life-sciences building - with ground-floor retail.

Transom Realty - itself based at the corner of Wareham and Albany streets - and Camber Development, headquartered downtown, say their proposed 79,600-square-foot building would have a 48-space underground garage.

The developers say their plans, which they hope to file shortly, will show that the new building will be "worthy of its prominent location in the South End Landmarks Protection Area." Part of this will include reusing the brick facades of three of the buildings on Wareham Street.

The project would be just across Albany Street from the under-construction Exchange South End complex, which will include life-sciences lab space next to Boston University's National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory, which in turn is next to BU Medical School's campus and research facilities, which lead into the campus of Boston Medical Center.

65 Wareham St. filings and calendar.



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