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State says it's not waiting for new Boston school superintendent; to declare Boston 'underperforming'

NBC Boston reports.

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Could Riley have at least waited more than 1 day before retaliating against Wu for going public?

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“Superintendent Cassellius has given Boston three years of strong leadership and service, and we are a better city for it,” she said. “Her vision and relentless focus as a champion for our young people and for equity has helped BPS move forward on needed structural changes within our district.”

Perhaps that reporter should've asked for specific bullet points?

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Based on six Uhub stories this week, state involvement means BPS can look forward to exploding batteries, self-driving trains and collapsing staircases, with some derailments and floods thrown in for good measure. BPS needs to improve, but the lousy SOBs who can’t run the MBTA to save their life… can get lost.


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The MBTA will not be taking over the BPS.

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No, I didn’t realize that. Thank god for Waquiot, sage soother of hurt feelings, I feel better now.

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Stevie Wonder saw that one coming.

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They just glanced at the two that the mayor committee presented.

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In the end, however, despite our good faith efforts, and after granting the City multiple deadline extensions, we were not able to reach consensus on the need for an independent data auditor hired and overseen by DESE, to verify that the district is accurately and transparently reporting its progress on key measures. The City/BPS proposed to hire their own data auditor; however, this is insufficient as numerous such audits have not prevented ongoing inaccuracies with data.

Y'all just won't stop lying.

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I don't have kids in BPS. I am a graduate of the BPS system. For many years, there has been a crisis in the school system. A revolving door with superintendents, top heavy administration and what just seems to be a situation where the student's education has suffered due to the instability that is entrenched there.
I remember Mayor Menino making the comment where he said he wanted to be judged by what he did with the schools. He is no longer with us, but he changed nothing. The same sad situation was carried on by his successor, Mayor Walsh. Nothing has changed. We are continually reminded that we should give 'them' a chance.
Well, the chances have run out. There are no second chances with a kid's education. There has been wheel spinning with the system, and it looks like a receivership is on the way.
It's about time.
Have a great day.

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As someone with children in BPS I doubt that state intervention will improve things — the performance of other receiverships across MA doesn’t inspire confidence.

Further, I would argue that we’ve made a big stride by busting the exam schools scam. No longer are exam schools reserved for wealthy children of means whose parents can pay for and get them to years of tutoring. Instead that educational opportunity is available to many more children across Boston. And, as demonstrated with the Charlestown High innovation effort, parents who used to count on the exam schools scam now have an incentive to care about 7-12 education outside the exam schools instead of their cyclical “I got mine at BLS, you fix yours.”

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If they cook the books and fiddle with the data?
The BPS system is an embarrassment.

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why Mayor Wu wanted Superintendent Cassellius out. I don't see what was gained.

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Hence, she is not pleading against a state takeover with the claim that the yet to be hired successor needs time to do something.

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Why Kim Janey seemingly did not address schools in her "Emotional Farewell Speech," https://bdc2020.o0bc.com/news/local-news/2021/11/10/kim-janey-boston-act...

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