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Stoneham man gets three years for pandemic-aid fraud

A federal judge yesterday sentenced a Stoneham man to three years in prison and ordered him to repay the $526,423 the government says he stole from the state pandemic unemployment fund using other people's purloined ID information, the US Attorney's office reports.

Daniel Maleus, 34, had pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, five counts of wire fraud, and one count of aggravated identity theft in November.

According to the US Attorney's office:

Between April 2020 and April 2021, Maleus filed and conspired with others to file over 50 fraudulent PUA claims using the stolen personal information of others. Maleus used email accounts that he created in the names of the victims and directed payments from the fraudulent claims to bank accounts that he controlled. Maleus and his co-conspirators obtained $526,423 in PUA funds from this scheme.

According to court documents, Maleus worked on the scheme with Lilly Nguyen, also of Stoneham. No action has been taken in her case since last July, when prosecutors said they were negotiating a possible settlement with her.

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And her husband must be pooping themselves.
If this is any indication, actual jail time looks certain for them.

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The fact that her docket is full of entries asking for permission to exclude periods of time from the speedy-trial calculations "in the interests of justice" and the fact that nothing has happened in her case since July would suggest (caveat: I am NOT a lawyer) she turned on him and spilled some beans.

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we have people in this country doing 10 times that sentence for weed.

this sentence isn’t nearly proportional to the crime

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Should include a robust anti-fraud component.

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A friend of a friend was caught up in one of these scams - found out about it when the IRS came back and demanded he pay taxes for the received unemployment. Identity theft is one of those crimes that is hard to clean up after and there's very few good ways for victims to make their case.

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