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Sushi place tries for success in spot near Dedham Mall that has bedeviled American eateries

Hayashi Sushi has opened at 125 Washington St. just before the Incinerator Road entrance to the Dedham Mall on the southbound side.

The space was until recently home to Small Batch Cafe, which made its own bacon, which didn't last long, and before that, Roadworthy, a food-truck style eatery that lasted a bit longer.

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That's where you'd want to put a barbeque place.

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They also do hibachi, so.

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Incinerator Rd. as a landmark makes the location sound so much more glamorous than it probably is.

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This is a terrible spot for a restaurant. There are three parking spots and it is a pedestrian no man's land. If patrons can't get there, who is going to buy the food?

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Looks like their small parking lot is connected to larger ones behind the building. Can customers park there, or at the Dedham ex-Mall?

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The lots behind the building with the restaurant are private and associated with other businesses. People might park there, but not legally, plus, they are not obvious from the road or building in question. I doubt many even realize those lots are there.

As for the mall, the access road is a long and very pedestrian unfriendly approach to where you can actually park. It may look otherwise on google maps, but the parking lot is well below grade, and there are no stairs to it from Washington St. Somebody parked in one of the mall lots would have to walk a minimum of a half mile, not a valid location for most potential patrons.

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