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T releases guide to Orange, Green Line Extension shutdowns

Shuttle buses, more commuter-rail service and the 39 bus! All that and more.


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Riders can simply show their CharlieCard or CharlieTicket to conductors to ride the Commuter Rail in Zones 1A, 1, and 2 on ALL Commuter Rail lines at no charge.

Why bother with this stipulation since there's no way of the conductor knowing if the card has fare? Just say it's free to ride between N/S Station and Zone 2 stations in both directions.

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where someone rides the shuttle/Green Line/shuttle from one end of the Orange Line to the other.

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Oh good heavens! I’m gonna luv this.

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Commuter to south station and red line,or walk . or shuttle to back bay and the green line to park street. Nothing direct for Chinatown, dtx or state ? I am lucky my company is letting us work from home for the month. Otherwise that commute sucks

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All of those stations are like a 6 minute walk from south station.

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(Park to DTC through the tunnel)

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Commuter rail to Back Bay, Walk to Copley, Green Line to Park.

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Look, I think it's great that they are going to have more trains stop at Forest Hills, but they are bunched. For example, weekdays inbound you have a train at 7:34, then one 8 minutes later at 7:42, then the same thing an hour later, only for some reason to have 3 trains an hour (in addition to a version of the ones in the previous hour, another around quarter past) between 9 and 11, or just after peak.

Outbound, at the height of rush, we are talking trains hitting Back Bay half hourly, with another service 5 minutes after a usual Needham train.

I know it's not easy, but better spacing would have been help things out.

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