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T shuttle delayed due to T

Blocked in MBTA shuttle

Marco shows us the scene this morning at Washington and School streets in Downtown Crossing, where one of those MBTA shuttle buses found itself blocked in and unable to make the turn because of an MBTA truck parked right at the intersection.



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Case closed.

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So, while the MBTA truck is certainly parked in a no parking zone, the real issue here is that there is no shuttle bus route that goes down School street. Both the Orange to Oak Grove and the Green to Union bustitution routes run Congress St to Court St to Cambridge St.

So neither vehicle should have been at this intersection. The bus should have turned left from Cambridge St onto Sudbury St to Congress St, but apparently missed the turn.

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Do they have to pay the fine or are they exempt?

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That looks like it is just a Bloom bus on a charter not a T shuttle. The T shuttles have MBTA stickers on them and Bloom has not been one of the carriers providing buses (plus Washington and School is not on the shuttle route).

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To take a slogan from the Department of Defense, "one team, one fight".

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