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Teen jumps in front of Red Line train at Shawmut, is pulled out alive

The Dorchester Reporter reports on the incident around 1:50 p.m., says the 14-year-old Boston Latin School student landed between the rails and that the train did not hit him head on.

Students leaving the nearby Neighborhood House Charter School witnessed the strike, according to the Reporter.

In e-mail to parents, Boston Latin Head of School Jason Gallagher wrote:

I am writing to you this evening about an incident involving a member of the Boston Latin School Community that happened earlier this afternoon at an MBTA station. Due to student and family privacy we are not able to provide any further information. We will continue to keep the student and their family in our thoughts and offer whatever support and assistance is needed.

The safety and well being of all of our students is a top priority here at BLS and Boston Public Schools. In partnership with the district, we will have school and district based counselors available for our students and staff who need support and would like to talk with a trusted adult. We ask that you encourage your child to talk about their feelings and any concerns they may have. Please know that our school is here to support our students and staff.



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Thank goodness he'll live, but how terrible for him and his family, the train conductor, and his schoolmates who saw it happen.

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Usually BLS can cover up the suicide attempts. Not this time. Further investigation might help raise consciousness of the problems.

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