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Tents gone, but people continue to congregate at Mass and Cass

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I was meeting a friend at Southbay a few days ago and took the wrong turn and ended up in a place where people were just congregating on the street. One man was so out of it he was stumbling on and off the sidewalk into the street. Pretty disturbing to witness, but I know this is the reality of people that don’t have their basic needs met.

Yes, I was a psychology major and I am a huge fan of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Meet the physiological needs of air, water, food, shelter and sleep and then take steps to continue meeting other deficiency needs such as safety and belonging.

Le sigh…

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It seems all right and true at first glance, but then I think about all the times I and others let social needs trump physiological ones, or even just like... "wow, I'm really hungry/thirsty/needing the bathroom/fatigued, but I'm gonna do another 20 minutes of this game first... yeah, just 20 minutes..."

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Gaming is weird because modern games are designed to hit you at a very basic chemical level in your brain - those serotonin and dopamine receptors and the neural feedback of gaming isn't something that was even on the radar when Maslov was working. Brains are really smart but they're also really dumb, and at a chemical level sometimes the chemical reward for x behavior versus y all end up a wash.

Also there's a difference between being kind-of hungry in a way most comfortable middle class people get kind-of hungry and the kind of hunger where you haven't eaten anything but ketchup packets in two days that affect the very unfortunate in this country. When you TRULY aren't meeting your basic Maslov needs, the damage and disruption it's causing in the brain is wayyy different than the competing neuroreward of some chips vs another round of COD

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