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Thank goodness for the 39 bus

The T reminds Green Line riders that it's shutting down the ol' E Line between Copley and Heath between Aug. 6 and Aug. 21 to make improvements, including sprucing up the tracks it didn't get to the last time it shut the line. Riders who'd rather not just walk from Back of the Hill to Copley Square can instead ride the 39 bus, the T says.



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Either they make a very quick analysis of ridership on the E line and determined that its closure didn't warrant a backup other than the poor #39, they don't have any backup available or the MBTA has surrendered itself into irrelevancy and aside from showing up and doing the bare minimum without killing anyone, which they've accomplished over the past 114 days.

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You want a shuttle bus that parallels the 39 and stops at all the stops the 39 stops at, but it won't be the 39.

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Good thing the Bus Network Redesign plan hasn't kicked in yet and the 39 route still goes to Back Bay.

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of the "Better Bus Project".

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I seem to remember the original “upcoming alerts” post (which has been removed) referred to “shuttle bus service” IN ADDITION to #39 bus service.

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When they shut it down without notice, the announcements typically say there will be shuttle buses and don't mention that the 39 largely duplicates the route. I used to take it frequently, and would point this out to people waiting for shuttles that rarely came.

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I did read in one of the alert messages that they will increase the 39 bus frequency during this time - hope that is true

And yes another reason not to go ahead with the route 39 redesign they had proposed

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