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They've been workin' on the railway ...

Removing trolley tracks from Broadway in South Boston

Lemon Genesis: Citrus Awakening watched workers remove streetcar tracks that had long lain dormant under West Broadway in South Boston.

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We ended the streetcars and replaced them with shootings over parking spaces and global warming.

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Streetcars in Boston were replaced by buses.

Shootings over parking spaces is a symptom of a decline is neighborliness. You strike me as the kind of person who would get into fights with your neighbors over trivial things.

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Let 'em sit!

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The roadbed for tracks is better than what is under current roads, and usually lasts much longer. Are they doing underground that they would pull them up at all?

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Snow/ice melt routine can get into and under causing rust and further expansion of the steel used for the rails. If they can keep the base of the rails, then maybe things will be good, but usually they pull that up as well, especially to rework around the utilities.

Taking the rails up also frees up space for more utilities to go under the roads.

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