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Today's hottest tattoo

Tattoo showing a devil-horned Orange Line car on fire

Where were you when the Orange Line shut down? One Jamaica Plain resident was out getting a tattoo to commemorate the reasons for the shutdown. Photo by Katherine Brainard.

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...that's lit!

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I am a burning cho cho
I am here just for you who
I step on the pedal
To burn the metal
The T just says FU

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I don't do tattoos (except for one mistake in Smithfield, RI in the 70s) but I think these are terrific. I content myself with a wall full of old MTA signs that I bought/still buy off eBay. Spent my childhood, teens and beyond riding the Green Line. Fell asleep nightly to the sound of the screeching wheels at Riverside. I miss that.

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A lot of tattoos will be outdated after a few years. This will be relevant in perpetuity it seems.

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L square yuppers

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If you tattoo your body, do so with relative artistic merit vs "it really meant something to me at the (drunken/buzzed/acid trip) moment in time.

This is reminiscent of my navy buddies getting a devil with a mop in it's hands tatted on their forearms of all places...

But to each their own

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To each his own.

I'm one of the links Adam listed as someone who has a T related tattoo. I got it years ago after having none.

I'm 45, and almost like your opinion... if I was going to get something, it was going to mean something to me, and not be some fad (i.e. barbed wire tat). So I waited and waited.. and at 42 I got the T tattoo.. followed by a few others in the following months. It just happened.. and they all tell a story.. places I have been.

But yeah I waited.. a long time. And am glad, otherwise I'd be lasering off a barbed wire armband that I wanted soooooooooooooooo much in the 90s. (like everyone else is doing now.. lasering them off)

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