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Tragic death of lover memorialized on Public Garden bridge

Two bouquets, a note and a photo on the Public Garden bridge

Many of the people crossing the bridge over the Public Garden lagoon today stopped for a moment to contemplate the two bouquets of flowers, the photo of a young woman and a note left by the railing. Some even opened the folded note to read Samantha's pangs for Villanelle, whom she would never see again:

Note to Villanelle the ends with all of Samantha's love

All terribly, terribly sad.

Thing is, the photo is of Jodie Comer, who played Villanelle in the recently concluded (like last weekend) series Killing Eve. Turns out a lot of fans were pretty outraged by how the series ended. If you were a fan but have yet to see the last episode, watch it, then read this article and this one and see if you agree.

Meanwhile, on the railing on the other side of the bridge was this unusual love lock:

Elephant-shaped lock
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I passed by it this evening, and I thought it might have been a tribute to someone fond of the Public Garden. Thanks for the explanation that this is for a fictional character - or did I misunderstand?

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Who is now fictionally dead, it seems.

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… bit the big one. Phoebe Waller-Bridge developed the series and wrote the first season. She hasn’t been actively involved since and the series has suffered, particularly this season. The ending even goes against the novels on which Killing Eve is based. Villanelle and Eve do end up together. Why change it? Beats me, though the final episode does leave open the possibility of a sequel focusing on Eve going after the perfidious Carolyn.

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At least, I have a name for it, which is "Orphan Black Syndrome". That's when the showrunners get so fixated on the natural talent and/or chemistry of the lead/leads that they completely forget that they need to also write a story arc about him/her/them.

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apart from making a positive contribution to society, those with too much time on their hands may meet new people, and open their minds beyond the twisted depths of binge watching fiction. Time to break out of the Covid mindset folks. At least this person took a walk in one of the great public spaces in America. Netflix has become to many women what video games are to many men.

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Without actually saying it.

Congratulations on your TV-free existence! It must be great to be so smug. But don't you ever get exhausted?

People with TVs know it's possible to lead a balanced life where one does things other than watch TV and that one of the smaller joys in life is finding a show you actually like enough to become invested in it.

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Of course, the Onion already addressed this issue: https://www.theonion.com/area-man-constantly-mentioning-he-doesnt-own-a-...

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According to ESA's 2021 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry, the players are about half female (45%) and half male (55%).

According to Netflix' 2022 user data, only 43% of the viewers are female while 57% are male.

Last but not least, Killing Eve is even not on Netlfix. Oops, sorry you have more imaginary enemies to fight. ;)



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of old-school sexism.

can't tell if troll or not.

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It looks very antique. I wonder if they still make them and is that pinhole for the key? Also I'm pretty sure that lock won't be there very long. The Lagoon Bridge in the Boston Public Garden just isn't one of those kind of bridges.

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You can get your own from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Functional-Beautiful-Padlocks-Elephant-Showpiece/...

The back of the lock matches the picture here.

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Let's just hope fans don't suffer from contemplated grief from prolonged death of a life partner like I and many others do because if this is how they react to death of a character, then.....sheeeeeet.

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My money is on this being paid “guerilla PR” to promote the show, and I object to my park being used for commercial advertising.

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The show's over, so no need to promote it.

On the other hand, the show had quite the devoted fan base, many of whose members were quite outraged by the ending. There's even a change.org petition demanding the producers do an alternate ending.

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