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Trapped by fire in Readville, mom tosses baby from second-floor window to her downstairs neighbor - an off-duty firefighter

Norton Street house after fire

Remains of the house. Photo by BFD.

GoFundMe for the family.

The Boston Fire Department reports two residents were injured by a two-alarm fire at 22 Norton St. in Hyde Park that was called in shortly before 7:10 a.m.

The department reports that one resident on the second floor tossed her baby to her downstairs neighbor, an off-duty firefighter, who made the catch. She then jumped herself to safety. Both mom and dad suffered injuries but are expected to be OK.

The department reports seven residents were displaced by the fire, which started in the rear of the building, then spread to the first and second floors and the roof before it was knocked down.

Damage was estimated at $500,000.

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I can't imagine the desperation it takes for a mother to throw her baby out the window, trusting someone else to catch it safely. What a horrible situation.

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