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Tufts bomb-threat maker took the weekend off, but he's back

Tufts University got another bomb threat today, for the fourth straight weekday. And once again, no actual bomb found.

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Do they not hold final exams on weekends?

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Per my daughter who has friends there.

All finals went remote.

Why put up with the BS if you can open book from your home bedroom.

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It’s time-and-a-half if you do it on the weekend.

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VPN makes tracking them hard. Will have to rely on loose lips I bet

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....needs to find a hobby

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that he has one.

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Back in the 70s and 80s schools and government offices got bomb threats everyday. They weren't ignored, but neither were they amplified.
Forms were near phones to prompt the answerer to gather what information they could from the caller. People would do a walk around for unusual things. Evacuations were rare.

Some people enjoy watching the freakout and media coverage. Make it boring for them.

Same thing goes for swastikas and racial epithets spraypainted on walls. Investigate, clean and paint over with discretion and move on. Don't feed the beasts.

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Recently I was perusing some old MIT newspapers from the early 70s. There was a report of a bomb (albit a smallish one) that went off somewhere on the campus. Nobody was hurt and it was reported in a very ho-hum and matter-of-fact manner, as was the general reaction to the bomb. I can only imagine if that were today. Lockdowns and wall to wall media coverage for days!

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All kinds of things - Weathermen bank robberies, bombs, Klan and PLP fighting on City Hall Plaza, riots for various reasons. The busing thing, where they threatened to blow up the Callahan Tunnel among other things.

Now every Beavis and Butthead scheme causes days of freakouts

On the plus side, the disco party was on and beer flowed freely.

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I mean, let's not forget about that part, which seems like a pretty relevant fact here.

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we were talking about Boston, where zero people died from bombs in the 70s and 80s

mot serious was the 1976 Suffolk County Courthouse bombing, where one man lost a leg and 22 were injured less seriously

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