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The turkey matador of Dorchester finds himself surrounded

Man vs. Turkey

Welcome to Dot files a dispatch this afternoon from Ocean Street in Dorchester, already known for the meanest turkeys in all of Boston:

Minding my own business on the porch, a car starts honking at the turkeys to move out of the street, they get riled up and chase a pedestrian who starts yelling at them and now he's been standing on this car for 10 minutes

And here's what led up to the guy feeling like he has to jump up on the hood of somebody's Accord:


Welcome to Dot reports Señor Matador de los Pavos was finally rescued:



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gives me life.

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when you need them?!?!

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Well at least a squad from the TLF keeping the streets safe for turkeys.

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I’m sending this to family and friends in New Hampshire who are going bear hunting this weekend thank you

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Perhaps he hadn't noticed, but (Les Nessman aside) turkeys can fly. If they were intent on doing him harm, perching on a car wouldn't help. They are apparently satisfied that he's out of their way. If it's not his Honda, he may have other problems ahead...

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