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Two-alarm porch fire heavily damages Dorchester three decker

Firefighters at Corona Street fire

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded to Corona Street, off Geneva Avenue, in Dorchester, for a fire on first- and second-floor porches that extended into the rest of the building, around 5:25 p.m.

The department reports the fire displaced nine people and estimated the amount of damage at $200,000.

There were no injuries.

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I don't know what caused this but I do know you can never be too care and concious about potential hazards, from experience. If u live in an apartment or condo, pay attention not just to your own unit, but also to the common areas. Super hot heating pipes in basement don't get along well with flammable like varnish, cardboard boxes and old Christmas wrapping paper when stupid humans store them so that they are leaning against such pipes. Especially in winter. More ISD checks needed this season. Just sayin'.

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It was caused by someone cooking.
A grease fire

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Are the men and women of the Boston Fire Department.

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They will find out.
It's awful, especially in this weather.

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