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Two dead of overdoses in Hyde Park recently

The Boston Police Department reports two people have died of drug overdoses in Hyde Park recently, possibly from what they thought was one kind of drug laced with or replaced by fentanyl, which can be fatal in lower doses than other drugs.

While no illegal drugs are ever considered to be safe, fentanyl or other unknown substances can be easily mixed with those illegal drugs, which can increase the risk of a fatal overdose.



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That is one of the most vague statements I've seen lately. Sorry to hear about the overdose but if your going to publicize it atleast include some relevant details.

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I know there is fentanyl in coke and since coke users are not used to carrying narcan...etc

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Can we not spread more copaganda by making bizarrely uninformed statements like this one? Per usual the only reason BPD cares about these deaths at all is so they can publicize themselves being "heroes"

Honestly, Uhub usually does better about contextualizing this kind of post, this quick reblog direct from BPD is surprising.

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Read this WBUR article. The reporter talks to coke users in Brockton.

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I work in addiction treatment as a clinician and we've been seeing overdoses from fentanyl in cocaine users who don't use opioids, for several years now. There's fentanyl in coke, methamphetamine, and pressed into plenty of pharmaceutical look-a-like pills.

There's been plenty of overly dramatized stories about fentanyl, but this isn't one of them. Test your coke.

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Maybe check out Boston EMS or Boston Fire, or the City of Boston, or the morgue, or any of the other dozen or so organizations dedicated to drug addiction and drug overdoses in the City or State. The police are responsible for dead bodies and that is why they were there.

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there were some sort of regulated system wherein people who are going to purchase drugs anyway could get correctly labeled known quantities of things.

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Read the WBUR article that redheadedjen posted. It explains how fentanyl has started showing up in coke and crack (due to the ubiquitous supply chain issues) and users of those drugs are especially vulnerable because everyone's used to worrying about it being mixed with opiates but no one expects it in stimulants, and therefore those users don't carry narcan or make sure not to use by themselves with no one to watch out for them.

It's a very interesting article with a lot of information.

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