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Two dead in three-vehicle crash on I-93 northbound just past the Zakim

State Police report that when the driver of a Lexus SUV ride-share car suddenly slowed on I-93 northbound just past the Zakim around 10 p.m. on Saturday, a tow truck slammed into it, followed by a Civic plowing into the tow truck.

The two rear seat occupants of the Lexus, both females, were trapped inside the vehicle and determined to be deceased on scene. They have been identified as Delanie Fekert, 25, of Floral Park, N.Y., and Urashi Madani, 25, of North Andover.

The operator of the Lexus, a 53-year-old Revere man, was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital with serious injuries.

The operator of the tow truck, a Salem woman, sustained no apparent injury and remained on scene for the investigation. The operator of the Honda, a Manchester, NH, woman, sustained no apparent injury and remained on scene for the investigation.

State Police report the crash - including the reason the ride-share driver suddenly slowed - remains under investigation.

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We were getting onto 93N from Storrow at 11:30pm when we noticed the backup on the upper deck, and resigned ourselves to a long ride home. We couldn't see up there after the connector curves left at the Garden.

Then we got to the top and merged onto a completely empty highway ... wth?

Horrified silence. We knew then that something really very bad must have happened up there.

RIP the two young victims.

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Sometimes I have to work in the Financial District past the last T. One night I got an Uber home around 130 am and my Uber driver came to nearly a dead stop on I-93 because she missed the Somerville exit. I immediately started screaming at her to hit the gas and in a panic looked back to see if we were going to get rear ended. At least two cars swerved to avoid us.

She did nothing and kept looking at the GPS and I said I was going to hit her if she didn't floor it since we were in a travel lane. Finally she hit the gas and I told her she had to do exactly what I told her (i.e., keep driving and go at least 60 to the next exit). I said it was fine to miss an exit and I'd rather go the long way than die. She called me a racist piece of shit and said I was terrible for yelling at her, I explained that you can't stop on highways, but it just didn't seem to register. Once we got to the Medford exit, I just go out and walked 2 miles home in the middle of the night. I've noticed in the last two years the quality of drivers has become really uneven.

I think what happened is that the Rideshare driver got confused about the 93/Rt 1 split and came to a near stop. Then a horrible crash happened.

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One night I got an Uber home around 130 am and my Uber driver came to nearly a dead stop on I-93 because she missed the Somerville exit.

Was she holding her phone in her hand, too?

That's my favorite: professional drivers who are too stupid/cheap to buy a holder for the phone they're going to be looking at for 8+ hours a day.

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...or the one who ran me out of a lane at a merge on I-95 a couple of weeks ago. Phone was in a holder, but they were on a video call - whatsapp or something - and not paying attention to traffic.

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drug test the tow truck driver

They are a serious safety problem in my neighborhood

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Sounds like the Lexus slammed on the brakes because he missed the exit and was trying to recover. At that point on an interstate highway, it’s better to just keep going rather than try to slam on the brakes and cut across traffic because you were either lost, not paying attention or failing to follow the GPS route. I see it all the time with the Ubers, this reckless inability to follow the predesignated routes and it ends up causing at best a huge delay in your trip or at worst, the death of two of your passengers. Thoughts and prayers to all involved

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The Lexus driver may have stopped suddenly for a bad reason.

But the tow truck driver had to have been either tailgating or inattentive, or more likely both.

You have to keep a safe following distance precisely because you never know when the vehicle in front of you will slow or stop suddenly, for *any* reason.

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And that may have made it worse when he didn't brake in time.

If he was tailgating the closing speed might have been reduced. This soiunds more like distracted or otherwise didn't react to the sudden drop in speed.

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Why just the tow driver? Test them both.

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The Honda driver, too.

Anytime there is an accident this extreme, all drivers should be tested automatically.

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No, you missed the point(s), as usual.

Point 1: urging more testing to increase chances of finding a blame point was an exaggeration on my part to remind of the limits of compelling supposedly self-incriminating data points (beyond the general obligations under MA law of complying with field sobriety checks and any heightened obligations that come with any special equipment endorsements on the tow truck driver's license).

Point 2: the self-incriminating data points might identify violations (which should be acted upon), might indicate cause for suspicion, but don't establish what happened. If there are traffic cameras that were pointed at that area, that would be more useful in determining what happened.

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Driving is a privilege, not a right.

Identifying impaired drivers is not at all at odds with crash reconstruction. You just don't want drivers to be held responsible for anything they do that endangers others.

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Ah, yes! The "correct me for things I didn't say" gambit.

Venerable, if a bit redolent of mothballs - and the Deer/Nut Islands pellet press.

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It may or may not have something to do with this tragic crash but in my observation, tow trucks are the most recklessly driven vehicles in the city. Tailgating and unsafe speed are the norm for these inherently dangerous (wide, heavy and speedy) vehicles. No mater my mode of travel, I always stay as far away as I can from tow trucks.

They, along with any vehicle over half a ton in my fantasy world, should have mandated and routinely audited GPS speed trackers.

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This is what you would sound like if you gave measured responses.

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I’ve got to hand it to them. They make people’s blood boil without saying a word.

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Dude could make a killing subletting all that space in people's heads.

I bet all those "making family memories" people would love to store those in another head so they could be transferred back when their teenager has no recollection of apple picking at age 2. Kinopio could broker that space.

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Kinopio has an unhealthy obsession with cars, along with being a bitter, hateful person.

Surprised you didn’t know that.

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Kinopio is a real estate genius.

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You are the side of Kinopio that actually responds to people.

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I’ve been called worse things.

By people even more paranoid than you.

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… has come within inches of killing me. I no longer use them. But I’m still at their mercy as a cyclist, pedestrian and driver.

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