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Two men charged with breaking into homes owned by Asian-Americans in Newton; one is already locked up in New York

Suspects in photos released last year

Surveillance photos released by Newton PD last year.

Newton Police have issued arrest warrants for two New York City men on charges they broke into a series of homes owned by Asian-Americans last year, Mayor Rutheanne Fuller reported this afternoon.

Both suspects have past histories of breaking and entering and burglary and one was found to be incarcerated in New York.

Fuller said Newton Det. Peter Koerber cracked the case, which started last June, when he noticed similarities to break-ins in other towns, including in New York and New Jersey.

Day by day, he built the case until he obtained several search warrants, gathered a variety of evidence, and ultimately identified the two suspects. Det. Koerber presented his case to Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan and the arrest warrants were issued.

In all five Newton cases, one of the men would break into a house, then snatch jewelry, cash, and handbags, police said last year.


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It would be hard to issue arrest warrants for anonymous people.

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and plenty of arrest warrants are issued without a press release being sent out with the name of the suspect given.

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Thanks. But why?

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It's not uncommon. Warrants are issued in secret, then, once the suspects are arrested, the records are unsealed and their names become public.

Which brings up the issue of why Fuller might have released any information before police were sure both these suspects were in custody. Maybe word was beginning to spread, dunno, I haven't been chatting with her lately (OK, or ever).

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Sorry, but it kind of smells.

As you are aware, there are events that people use to forward narratives. With something like this, the whole anti-Asian narrative sits below the surface. My gut is that the suspects are also Asian or are a part of a South American gang I read about in the Washington Post a while back. If the other suspect is still at large, why announce anything? Wait for the arrests, or name names to stir things up.

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Fuller did not identify the two suspects, but said both have histories of breaking and entering and burglary. One was found incarcerated in New York, the mayor wrote Thursday.

Newton police and the Middlesex district attorney’s office were not immediately available Thursday night to confirm the information.

boston globe

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Innocent to proven guilty.

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What does the fact the homes are Asian owned have to do with anything?

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Newton doesn't get a lot of house breaks, and the main thing that connected this string was that all the owners were Asian-American.

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Still don’t get it. Please explain.

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And the pattern here is that the only homes being hit were owned by Asian-Americans. Not White people, not Black people. Why would somebody be targeting Asian-Americans who are a minority of the population in Newton? Especially when there was already an increase in violence against Asian-Americans across the country.

I suspect we'll find out once the arrests are made.

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Even if 15% of households in Newton are Asian, a string of house breaks that are all-Asian households becomes diminishingly unlikely to occur by chance.

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These guys are from NYC and came to Newton to rob Asian-American homes? Or they targeted the homes while local then relocated to NYC. Either way, weird...

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How they knew the homeowners were Asian-American. There was some selection process going on there.

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Perhaps it is a mere coincidence, though if the case was cracked because there were similar cases elsewhere that these guys also allegedly did, I doubt it. Regardless, coincidence or not, it's still an observed pattern.

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these are Asian gangsters targeting successful Asian business owners. In every immigrant community, people know each other, they tend to know who has money, and they talk. Crime like this within immigrant communities is insidious because victims are embarrassed or afraid to go public.

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Besides Asian what do the victims have in common? Are they from or born of people of the same nation? If so then my thinking leans toward a political aspect of these home invasions.

Do the adults in these families have similarities of political identities?

We’re the burglaries only burglaries? Or was the actual motivation terrorism Olof these families?

This has the whiff of the domestic terrorism committed by Ebay employees.

And why and how is it that NYC guys are scoping out and invading Newton residents? Awfully precise and in comparison to NYC extremely obscure targets.

This is a very interesting mystery.

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