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Two more men caught in child-sex sting at Waltham hotel

Men from Boston and Waltham were arrested at a Waltham hotel last week after they allegedly pulled out cash for sex with girls, according to complaints issued in federal court.

The arrests of Dmitri McKenzie, 27, of Boston, and Misael Fabian Medina, 37, of Waltham, mean Homeland Security agents arrested a total of four men at the unnamed Waltham hotel who allegedly responded to ads on a Web site and arranged to have sex with girls as young as 12. Sadeq Ali Quraishi, a doctor at Tufts Medical Center, and David Chris Cannon, a convicted sex offender from Lexington, were also arrested at the hotel.

As with Quraishi and Cannon, a Homeland Security Investigations agents detailed the events leading up to the arrests of McKenzie and Medina in affidavits filed in US District Court in Boston.

According to the affidavit, McKenzie responded on Nov. 2 to an online ad placed the day before and agreed to pay $100 for 20 minutes with a 14-year-old girl - the offer from the girl's supposed mother of $300 for an hour was just too rich for his blood. At one point, the "mother" sought assurances from McKenzie that he was not a cop. "Hell no," he responded, the affidavit states. But McKenzie dilly-dallied and wanted more than the one photo the "mother" sent.

[agent] look i got text and my girl is busy so u in or out

9123 Number Im out I’m just really suspicious of this whole thing

In the end, though, after the two sides sought to reassure the other they were not cops - "I’m not a cop, just scared shitless of going to prison," McKenzie texted at one point - McKenzie drove to the hotel.

At the hotel, UC2, who was posing as the person who posted the Advertisement and the user of the Advertisement Number, and MCKENZIE met in the hotel's parking lot. UC2 asked MCKENZIE to show UC2 the cash to be paid for the commercial sex act. MCKENZIE flashed a wad of cash from his pocket and showed it to UC2. UC2 confirmed that MCKENZIE was paying for 20 minutes with the girl. MCKENZIE confirmed the arrangement. UC2 gave MCKENZIE a room number and started to hand him a room key card.

Following the exchange of the cash and the foregoing discussion, law enforcement officers arrested MCKENZIE and took him into custody. Incident to arrest, law enforcement agents searched MCKENZIE and found a cell phone. An agent then called the 9123 Number and observed that the cell phone they seized from MCKENZIE ring.

Medina was similarly snared on Nov. 3 at the hotel, after arranging for sex with a 12-year-old girl, the affidavit in his case says.

The "mother" offered the girl for $150; Medina agreed to pay an extra $50 to forego a condom. But when he was arrested, agents found him with a box of Trojan condoms, which the affidavit states "re manufactured outside of the state of Massachusetts."

The US Attorney's office in Boston reports both men have been in federal custody since their arrests. Both face detention hearings in US District Court in Boston tomorrow.

Innocent, etc.

PDF icon Complete McKenzie affidavit332.53 KB
PDF icon Complete Medina affidavit218.08 KB


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should be plastered everywhere. every platform available should write a story about these bastards and their names should be published so frequently that it will be impossible to goggle them without a thousand hits popping up for the next 100 years. this is after they all serve long federal prison sentences. sub humans.

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That's the whole point of the sex offender registry, after conviction.

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I'm the last person who would defend our justice system or pretend it works well, but I will defend the basic premises of how it is supposed to work. People who have served their time should generally have their liberties returned. The sex offender registry is intended for those who have served their time, participated in treatment (the system does not always provide sufficient or skilled evaluation/treatment), yet have been deemed to be at moderate or high risk of reoffending. This system exists to provide a balance between giving people their liberties and keeping the public safe.

In general, not specific to sex offenses, a lot of what leads to folks continuing to engage in criminal activity is continuing to be criminalized once they've served their time. If someone has a hard time getting work and housing, why wouldn't they return to criminal activity?

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Why is THIS particular agency running pedophile sting operations?

Is this honestly a security issue?

A crime, yes. But is this within the purview of the Department of Homeland Security?

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Is this what concerns you the most in this context?

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Girls are often trafficked internationally and guess where their "customers" live? Yea, the US. Maybe these guys who were arrested have information on other sex trafficking rings? Either way who really cares what law enforcement agency is doing this?

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Condoms manufactured outside of Massachusetts -- is that what makes it a federal crime (and not state)?

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Lock all four of these scum together in one cell and they can take turns on each other saving the $50 fee to not use a condom.

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What kills me is they all kept asking if the agent was a cop.

Did they think after the third “no srsly, are u a cop??” the agent would be like “Alright, alright, you got me, I’m cop…”

And this kind of logic even from someone who ostensibly got through medical school…

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The urban legend goes a Police officer has to identify himself or herself as a law enforcement officer if asked. Supposedly this even applies to Mlitary as well as Federal law enforcement officers. It's just wishful thinking but I wonder where it all began?

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