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Uber driver with two passengers slams into Porter Square bank

An Uber driver and his two passengers suffered apparently minor injuries after their vehicle crashed into a Citizens Bank branch on Somerville Avenue at Massachusetts Avenue around 11:10 p.m. on Friday, Cambridge Police report.

Photo of the aftermath.

The driver was traveling south on Massachusetts Avenue and took a left turn onto Somerville Avenue. As the driver turned onto Somerville Avenue, the car accelerated and crashed into the Citizen’s Bank, causing significant damage to the building. The 2022 Toyota Highlander also sustained significant damage and was towed from the scene.

There is no indication that the driver was impaired or distracted at the time of the crash. The incident remains under investigation.

Police say the driver of the brand new Toyota Highlander remained on the scene and cooperated with investigators - at least until he was taken to Mass. General, along with his passengers, for treatment.



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an Uber or Lyft. A lot of drivers have no idea where they're going, really struggle to follow navigation, and are watching their phones more closely than the road. I had one poor soul miss five turns the other night before I took over, had to coach him like a teen with a brand-new learner's permit to get where I was going. "Take this right. This right. TURN NOW!!!" Over and over and over.

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At least he crashed into the bank, which was closed and empty on a Friday night, and not into the busy Target store a few feet further west in the same building.

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Is the Target busy at 11pm?

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so I guess not. I think it used to be open until midnight. Even so, there could have been employees inside, so I'm glad the driver did not hit it.

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But that area often has high pedestrian traffic from people going to and from Porter Redline stop. It’s extremely lucky no one was hit.

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If it was still an Uno's. They would have ran right into a very full patio since it was so warm...

I miss the porter sq uno's... its not the same drinking a beer in the ATM vestibule...

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Was a sneaky great neighborhood bar. Miss it.

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There is no indication that the driver was impaired or distracted at the time of the crash.

It was an Uber driver. If they're not fiddling with the app, calling someone, trying to hand you a bottle of water or some mints, ask you about the place they picked you up from...then they're not going to make any money.

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Was this a self-driving car? Unless we got some kind of Maximum Overdrive situation, or someone's trying to start up a new round of bogus lawsuits against Toyota, it seems pretty self evident that the driver was either impaired, distracted, or suicidal.

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Obviously the issue is that the bank just leaped out of nowhere, probably wearing dark colors and no lights, and the driver had no time to react.

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There seems to be a lot of "drive into a building" accidents. There was a school bus that hit The Chateau in Norwood recently too.

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Because I'd think someone driving a brand new $50k car would be more careful.

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