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UMass Boston moves to remote classes on Monday for president's announcement at JFK Library of new cancer initiative

President Biden comes to town Monday to announce a "cancer moonshot" program at the JFK Library - and UMass Boston is moving classes to online for the day.

The heavy security provided by federal, state, and local law enforcement officials that accompanies a presidential event will necessarily curtail access to certain parts of the peninsula and will disrupt essential campus operations such as shuttle bus service and other commuting to and from campus. For this reason, and to maintain continuity of operations, the university will move to remote operations during the entire day Monday. Note that we have enacted similar remote/closure policies during previous presidential visits.

All classes on campus scheduled for Monday will be moved to remote modality. Students and faculty should avoid coming to campus and should make arrangements to conduct their study, teaching, or work remotely. Dining services located within residential halls will be operating. All other campus dining locations and the library will be closed.

The museum itself will also be closed to the public on Monday.

The exact time has yet to be announced.

Why Monday and the JFK Library in particular? Monday is the anniversary of JFK's famous moon speech:



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