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Upscale craft-cocktail bar with 'a boho setting' approved for Fan Pier


The Boston Licensing Board today approved a plan to replace the closed Daily Catch at the Moakley Courthouse with a bar catering to hard chargers who need to rewind with a cocktail in hand as they watch the sun go down after a long day arguing in court or creating new wonder drugs in a nearby life-sciences lab.

The board formally approved a deal by the owners of Marcelino's Boutique Bar, 2 Northern Ave. to buy the liquor license from the defunct Common Ground on Harvard Avenue in Allston to recreate the high-caliber yet soothing atmosphere of their existing bar in Providence.

Attorney Kristen Scanlon said manager Basel Badawi (in photo) and his partner Marcelino Abou Ali will provide "a bit of a calmer atmosphere" than some of the more frenetic outlets elsewhere in the Seaport, an "upscale, relaxed environment" in "a boho setting."

Part of that setting will come via a 180-seat outdoor seasonal patio. That was the sole bone of contention for the Fort Point Neighborhood Association, which wanted to see the patio closed no later than 11, or maybe even just 10. But the licensing board said, no, midnight is fine for a patio right on the water outside a court building for a bar that has permission to stay open until 2 a.m., in what Scanlon described as Boston's "largest eat/live/work/play neighborhood."

In addition to cocktails, Marcelino's will also offer Mediterranean and "Middle Eastern inspired" food.

Scanlon added the new restaurant will help keep the waterfront from becoming an outlaw area, because it will mean "lights and eyes on what is now one of the darker corners of the Harborwalk at night."


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Daily catch closed?!?!? That’s awful news

felt the Seaport and Brookline editions weren't nearly as good.

"Boho" is an interesting description. I suspect this place won't fit the budget of actual bohemians.


There are bohemians and there are bohemians. And then there are actual Bohemians.

Agree about the North End original.


Which might be considered "boho???"


The one at Fan Pier closed some time ago. Not sure if the North End original is still around...

first expansion outlet in Brookline are both still going.

Not for nothing and unrelated to this article. But I’m done with this site. Too much hatred in the comments. Adam, you can do better and you know who I am. Magoo was the best psyop ever period full stop. Peace out dudes and dudettes. M.


i feel like this is the 4th time i’ve seen magoo say goodbye


That cringy nightmare of an persona is finally over.


Best post ever!!!!!

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out and mean it this time.


Bush, "There's an old saying in Tennessee—I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, 'Fool me once, shame on...shame on you. Fool me— [long, awkard pause] — you can't get fooled again.'"

Don't get too excited about this alleged exit. The urge to annoy people with utter inanity is strong in this one.




That persona was always a stain on the memory of the real Mr. Magoo.


Frogs. This is the best news I’ve heard this side of the seaport district. So long you fraud you phony you.

The offerings weren't always exactly high comedy and sometimes skewed just a touch too much toward the crass for my taste, but honestly, I preferred many of his comments to so much of the pointless bickering and sniping, absurdly bad grammar, egregious overuse of all caps, poorly-executed attempts at one-upsmanship, general stupidity, hatred (as he quite rightly pointed out), and assorted other flotsam and jetsam that all too often washes up onto these shores. Honestly, would you rather read a single, usually brief, often whimsical or silly total non sequitur, or wade through fifteen or twenty rage-filled back and forths that change no one's mind on anything and do nothing to advance the conversation? So long Magoo. I hope you find a more tolerant audience for your bit elsewhere, but rest assured that most of the people here have nothing to offer anyway, and if they can't be bothered to scroll past the occasional single comment of which they don't approve then there's not much lost. Magoo.


I used to get pretty annoyed with Adam for allowing the town drunk to wander into our party and piss on the floor with such regularity, but I came around to the belief that Magoo, even though I personally thought his humor sucked, was sincerely trying to make the site a little funnier.... and I note that he never insulted anyone, at least not that I ever noticed.


Anyone who comes up with this kind of wipe-my-bum nonsense...

Adam, you can do better and you know who I am.

is no loss.

I also enjoyed Magoo's posts. They were lighthearted and somewhat humorous. It's a breather from the nastiness and foul language that other users post on the board.

I still have good memories of The Common Ground. They had great dance nights there and it was a place locals could hang out at and not get crushed by the weekend crowds.

Sadly, it's yet another license making its pilgrimage down to the live-work-play fantasy land called the Seaport to compete with equally sterile haunts aimed at a demographic that prefers temporary themed experiences over having a drink and a conversation with their neighbors.

Yes, the free market economy, gentrification, The Pandemic, smartphones and crazy rents have all played a part in this multi-decade migration from vibrant city to sleepy village with a weekend entertainment district down by the filthy harbor but it's the city's residents who'll suffer the long-term cultural consequences of prioritizing the needs of less than 1% of the population and potential visitors over the greater community as a whole.


The mug on that guy really creeps me out.


I came into comments to be like...are we not gonna talk about this dude's fisheye lens nonsense? Maybe scoot back a bit there dude.

Could be a screen grab from a zoom call? More than once I've leaned in close (e.g. to adjust a setting on my monitor or fiddle with the lamp behind my monitor) and caught a glimpse of a truly hideous fish-eye closeup of the pores on my nose. I can only weep for the delicate sensibilities of the others on said calls.

and I’d like to make a plea for a little compassion, or at least suggest that nobody should be judged by their appearance on Zoom. I speak for the many tech-inept who, in the third year of virtual meetings, have still not mastered the technical aspects of lighting, camera placement, etc., and for whom the “enhance appearance” function is a tragic joke.

I can extend these sentiments to people who don't have jobs that require meetings, don't have frequent appointments, and so forth. I sometimes do court interviews via zoom for people who are, say, some kid's babysitter, or a neighbor who filed a police report, or whatever the case is, and they use zoom maybe once every couple months, and I don't really give a rat's ass how they present on zoom.

What I will judge is all the many, many people in salaried middle-class positions involving frequently meeting with people who have the device pointed up their nose with the screen showing mostly ceiling, or they're holding it in their hand so we all get seasick, they've got a window behind them so they're bathed in the light of the lord, and there's random shit lying all over the place and they've chosen to face the end wall in their huge open-layout home so we can see every detail of how they live their life. And they don't know how to mute, or how to unmute, or understand that we're seeing Linder's screen because she shared her screen, or realize that it shows their name and their video so they say "this is Sam Bumfuck from LMNOP" every time they speak.

I mean, I understood for the first few months of COVID that a lot of these people weren't previously connect-from-home folks and were adjusting, but now that they have been for more than two years, yes, I do expect people with advanced degrees and disposable incomes to get a crate or a mount or something so their device is at eye level and stationary, buy a damn lightbulb, replace the screeching battery in their smoke detector, and face the other way and/or clean up the laundry and dishes.

First world problem. Really.