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Urban geese learn to adapt

Goslings take advantage of puddle

Michael Spicher spotted some geese littles taking advantage of a puddle near the Expressway and the narrow end of Fort Point Channel that splits the South End from South Boston today. Amy Deveau, who lives nearby, though, is not liking the scene:

this stresses me out. I helped escort a family of geese under 93 and stopped traffic in both directions and when we all made it to the other side I burst into tears. I hope these lil guys make it back to the channel.



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Protected by Federal law since 1900, when they were threatened by overhunting. Unfortunately they have now become a menace. The law and/or regulations need to be updated. Their steaming turds foul playing fields, playgrounds, beaches and waters throughout coastal New England, and in other parts of the US they harm crops and grazing land.

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Ummm... the Migratory Bird Act / treaty was passed in 1918. Since then hunting of Canada geese has been perfectly legal... in season. As they've recovered from over-hunting the season and limits have been extended. They're a bit of work to pluck, but they're tasty.

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In-season hunting might help the problem in more rural areas, but I wonder what Boston allows and restricts, and how effective sport hunting could even be. Seems like we need a vigorous, aggressive governmental response before it's too late, if it isn't already too late. They are beautiful creatures but they are a scourge in an urban environment.

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@CopleyScott17 General Law - Part 1, Title XIX, Chapter 131, Section 58 says:

Section 58. A person shall not discharge any firearm or release any arrow upon or across any state or hard surfaced highway, or within one hundred and fifty feet, of any such highway, or possess a loaded firearm or hunt by any means on the land of another within five hundred feet of any dwelling in use, except as authorized by the owner or occupant thereof.

So that pretty much rules out any hunting in Boston MA unless you are really good with a slingshot. If you are not really good with a slingshot all you would do is piss the goose off. Which is hard to tell because that seems to be their general attitude all the time. I'm just guessing with this slingshot loophole. You'd probably still be breaking the law somehow.

Oh yeah hunting on Municipal lands in Boston is illegal too!

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When I was young I wanted to save some baby birds from a bad nest but my father and grandfather pointed out that all the good nesting sites were taken.

If there are too many then population needs to be reduced. And they should be eaten, not wasted.

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Leading into Southie, you see them all the time. Stressful is right!!!

And I’ve helped stop traffic too.

I don’t like it. I want to scoop them all up and take them to Turtle Pond :-(

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