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Vigil for Democracy across the state

There will be vigils on the anniversary of the failed coup across the state, including 5:30 p.m. at the State House.


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Isn't that what Twitter is?

Having a rally to support Democracy at the State House must be very affirming, but go hold one in on Route 58 in Carver or on the Common in Southwick, because that's where the baddies are, not on Beacon Hill.

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The most powerful people are the elected officials and civil servants, not the noisy yahoos with white power flags off their pickups with the exhausts removed.

The best thing for democracy is to make it easy and safe to vote -- for everyone -- and persecuting those who attack all democratic institutions at every level.

The most depressing and frightening thing wasn't Jan 6th 2021, it is that the GOP rank and file is enthusiastic to support those actions as the means to keep them in power.

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If the attempt was really failed, it wouldn’t need a vigil and it wouldn’t trigger anyone.

The success was that it showed the soft spot and it exploited it. Madison Ave does it every day just via a different pathway. It represents systemic damage to the dam. Yes, very easy to see but IMPOSSIBLE to fix at this point.

A declining two system party has us fighting over Burger King or McDonalds like it’s the fucking Sox Yanks…Oh the irony!!

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I was ordering a sandwich outta place at the end of an obscure North End alley when I saw it all go down on their television. Il Panino is what I ate. I shall be 131 years old and still remember that. Initially, I'm like: "What movie is this?!?! It looks nearly as good as The Raid!"

But. It. Was. Actually. The. News.

When my maternal grandmother was a little girl, c. 1939, an elderly person at the store or the park told her about the arrival of General Grant in Richmond. They had been born into bondage and to see the Union Army's confident arrival cemented the fact that they were actually free and that the possession of their liberty was truly theirs and theirs alone.

My very dear friend and "Die Göttin-Väderin" of my children, ϘΆΙΑ, politely-yet-firmly scolded me and our old pal Pete for America's "sloppy nationalism." She is, after a fashion, half Prussian and half Ottoman; had formerly been ForeFemme of Hendry's Stable, Division Three; was accepted into Boston Latin School like me, but had to directly endure the weekly insult of the Route 19-4 blowing past her on Geneva Avenue because some BLS parents from "that part of Dorchester" did not want the bus to make local stops in The Hood; and ultimately retreated to Neidersachen where part of her family lived during the 9th century.

Do we need actual vigils for the sake of our democracy?!?!

Hath America truly fallen THIS far and it STILL struggling to get up akin a callously overturned beetle?!?!


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I had that exact same feeling when I woke up to the TV coverage of the 9/11 Twin Towers attack. What movie is this?

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