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Wellesley crime: Woman brings $7,000 purse to local hockey match, reports it stolen, but before police leave, finds she'd left it in her car

The Swellesley Report keeps us updated on crime, Wellesley style. In addition to the non-purloined Louis Vuitton purse, there was also an incident involving a group of local ragamuffins using "foul language" and acting in "a rude manner" towards employees of a local emporium; the young scions told police they were provoked into the act when the employees spewed similar "foul language" at them first.

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This is almost as stressful as finding out about 10 point bonus for all but your kids.


Money than brains.


New money yuppies feeling entitled. You don't hear this kind of stuff out of Dover or Weston. Old money is quiet as a church mouse.


… an old purse. But they wouldn’t spend $7,000 on a new purse.


Yuppies have returned from the 1980s to terrorize Wellesley!

Is it even urban enough for them to be yuppies? I can't help but think that half of Wellesley would shudder at being called "urban"

"more dollars than sense"


Just another insecure person who must show off their wealth and insecurity with a luxury material thing. That is not impressionable. You want to impress me with your wealth? Use it to make a real difference for someone not so deep in pocket and who worries about their own kids who can't play school hockey because they don't have the money and can't even play in a yard they don't have.


Impressionable is not a synonym for impressive.

Maybe she bought herself an expensive purse because she likes it, not to impress you?

karening levels higher than covid wastewater readings

I wear a fanny pack to our boys games so it never happens again :/


I hope it's at least a Louis Vuitton or Gordon Gartrell fanny pack that you're wearing.

I think they carry their Gucci bag in the fanny pack.

So if I move to Wellesley, I can really ask my neighbor to front me $500 in Google Play gift cards and they'll do it without question?

What A Country!

Wellesley is not a country.

it was a good allusion.