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Westie hoodie and the missus

Pair of hooded mergansers in Sawmill Brook in West Roxbury

Mary Ellen spotted a pair of hooded mergansers in one of the unfrozen parts of Sawmill Brook at Millennium Park in West Roxbury today. Mr. Hoodie did get up on the ice for a bit:

hooded merganser on ice


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I wish we had a UHub person like Maryellen to capture wildlife at Franklin Park. Maryellen, you are the best and I appreciate your photos of the nice things around us. Thank you. And thank you Adam.

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Some coots and ring-necked ducks, please, Mary Ellen.

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That’s aduckable. Magoo.

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That female hooded merganser looks like a hoodsie with that serrated Mohawk style.
Act your age child.

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I wonder what product they use to get that height and volume.

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