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Where to get cider donuts in New England

Now that it's fall, the map you've been waiting for. Differentiates between "fresh + hot" and "pre-made/bakery," natch.

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…some local orchard which had a space at the Boston Public Market devoted to everything apple. They had great, fresh baked cider doughnuts. Guess they’re gone, because I don’t see them on the list. If Union Square doughnuts is still in the market, then you could get theirs.

Red Apple Farm. Right where you'd expect them to be

itself though, as far as I can tell, not the Public Mkt location I was referring to

There's one blue pin in downtown. It's at the corner of Congress and Hanover, at the Boston Public Market. When I click it, the left panel opens up:

Red Apple Farm @ Boston Public Market

Right in downtown Boston! They have a machine on site and make them fresh

100 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02109
+1 617-530-0755

It's plain as day, and I'm fairly certain there's no orchard in that location.

Hello - yes, our orchard is out in Phillipston MA, but you can still get our donuts and fudge and cider at our retail stall at the Boston Public Market, open every day, market hours.

Blackbird Doughnuts had cider cake doughnuts the other day and it was, of course, perfectly executed. Not the right setting though.

Union Square donuts has a few other locations that aren't on the map, including Coolidge Corner.

It looks like everyplace with "Farm" or "Orchard" in the name is classified as fresh/hot. Unfortunately not all farm stands, country stores, or even cider mills sell donuts hot-out-of-the-donut-robot. Often they're trucked in. It's hard to know which are which.

There are a couple I know of that aren't on there and that need to get added.

Also, not for the faint of heart, but Hagar's in Shelburne has fried dough with maple cream on weekends in the fall, and also cider donuts, and they will add maple cream to your cider donut.