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Wooden frame replaces half of a brick building in Roslindale Square

What's left of Corinth Street building

Robert Orthman reports work is ongoing in the half of the Corinth Street building that a driver smashed into early Sunday.

"Looks like rest of building is spared best I can tell," he says, referring to the part on the left of the photo that houses the Square Root Cafe and some second-floor offices.

GoFundMe for the affected businesses.



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I mean, the damage and it’s affects on people’s livelihoods still sucks, but if the building doesn’t have to be torn down, that’s a small victory.

Heck, it even looks like half of Sebastian’s might be okay, so they can do what they did during the renovations that took place a few years ago.

Still, wishing for a quick rebuild.

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I will be impressed if they can manage to put together something that's structurally sound from that.

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Before they covered up the exterior we saw that they had installed just a few temporary support elements after clearing out debris. And the demo machinery was being used just to clear fallen debris and not tear anything else down... a good sign I think?

All in all it looked much much better than before. Here's hoping that the covered exterior is just meant to provide weather protection for the structural repairs and remodeling ...

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so what really matters here, structurally, is what kind of supports the car hit on the inside, what kind of shocks may have affected *other* structural elements, and whether there's any concern of other exterior parts (facade bricks) falling off later.

(In wood-frame houses, walls are load-bearing. In buildings like this, there's a metal skeleton that walls are attached to.)

I imagine that what they're going to do is make temporary replacement supports and then inspect the places where the girders are bolted together. That probably entails ripping out chunks of wall and ceiling to get access, so... not a fast process, I imagine.

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Considering how bad it looked on Sunday, I think this qualifies as a small victory for now.

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to shield the interior from the elements and intruders until the plans for repair are set

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