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Worcester Line bedeviled by the dread slippery rail in Wellesley

Isaac Gardner was waiting for the train in Wellesley Square around 8:15 a.m. when the train arrived and then, just couldn't stop:

Might have been a slippery rail thing, but really wasn’t even close. Even loco at back went well past. First time I’ve seen that in a long time, and never by that much.

Once it did finally stop, the engineer put the train in reverse and backed up and picked up passengers - then slowly crept towards Boston.

MBTA Commuter Rail says that, yes, it was slippery rail - wet leaves and other wet stuff that causes the train equivalent of hydroplaning.

The next train, though, was delayed for another reason: A "rail defect" in Westborough.



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4 years ago I learned a lesson the hard way about the interaction between wet leaves and Boston area commuter rail. I took a nice fall bike ride West and made it to the Fitchburg train for the way back. Between the train that was already running two hours behind and super slow once it got going, that train trip turned into a 50mile/5+ hours ordeal.

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