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Wu appoints committee to help find a new police commissioner serious about police reform

Mayor Wu today announced a committee to help her select a new permanent police commissioner, something Boston has not had for nearly a year now.

She vowed to find "committed and visionary leadership" to help achieve "needed police reforms."

Among the members of the committee: Former Police Commissioner Ed Davis. The committee will be charted by retired Supreme Judicial Court Justice Geraldine Hines. Other members are Bishop William Dickerson II, senior pastor of Greater Love Tabernacle Church in Dorchester, Abrigal Forrester, executive director of Teen Empowerment; and Jasmine Gonzales Rose, a law professor and deputy director of research and policy for Boston University's Center for Antiracist Research.

After William Gross suddenly retired last January, then Mayor Marty Walsh quickly named Dennis White as his replacement - then just as quickly put White on leave after allegations of domestic abuse surfaced. White's suit over the leave and subsequent firing by acting Mayor Kim Janey continues in federal court.

Superintendent-in-Chief Gregory Long has served as acting commissioner since White was put on leave. In a statement today, he said he will not seek the permanent job but will do whatever he can to help the committee and Wu find a permanent commissioner.

In a statement, Wu said:

We know that investing in public safety and health, and achieving needed police reforms, will depend on committed and visionary leadership for the city and the Boston Police. With the support of Justice Hines, Commissioner Long, and this remarkable group of civic leaders, we are taking a critical step in our broader efforts to bring new standards of accountability and oversight to policing, enhance public safety for all our residents, and build community trust.

The committee will hold "public engagement" sessions online, starting with sessions on Jan. 20 and 26.
Supported by staff in the Mayor’s Office, Justice Hines and members of the search committee will host their first two virtual public engagement sessions on January 20 and January 26, with more to follow. The Committee will also meet with community and law enforcement groups to ensure their views on BPD leadership are reflected in the process.

Boston Police Commissioner Public Listening Sessions
Thursday, January 20, 6pm – REGISTER HERE
Wednesday, January 26, 12pm - REGISTER HERE



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It's a breath of fresh air to have someone in an executive elected office who doesn't pretend to take full responsibility for its decisions and appointments.

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