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Allston pizzeria could be taking over Roslindale pizza place closed since its owner's arrest

The "Stash's" on the awnings of Stash's Pizza on Belgrade Avenue today are covered with the logo of Rock City Pizza, an Allston pizzeria and sub shop that also has an outlet in Randolph.

Stash's closed March 16 after owner Stavros Papantoniadis was arrested on a federal "forced labor" charge for the way he allegedly abused - sometimes physically - employees there and at other pizza places he's owned.

Stash's opened on Belgrade Avenue in 2014, taking over the space M.J.'s and Larry's Ice Cream moved into after their location further down Belgrade Avenue caught fire.

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But, oh man, did M.J.'s have the best steak tips. Looks like Rock City servers theirs with fries which is already a minus one in my book.

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Assuming another business will take it over.

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Magoo is finding that Magoo can no longer eat pizza or as Magoo sometimes calls it, the Zaa, for alas, the Zaa, causes Magoo to have the tummy troubles or as Magoo sometimes calls it the double T’s. Magoo.

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You’re part of the problem.

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Anyone who calls pizza "za" deserves to be kicked in the nis.

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The Blue Hill Ave store was still open last week.

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I lived on Gordon St around the corner from Rock City Pizza when they opened in Allston and for a few years thereafter. I recall the owner and his family working the counter and kitchen, and they were always super friendly and accommodating. Glad to see them having success. Sounds like the polar opposite of Stash's previous ownership.

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