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Another day we don't have to worry about the Red Line red lining

Nine minutes for the next train to Alewife on the Red Line

Roving UHub photographer Raymond P. Ausrotas shows us the arrival board at Park Street at rush hour today.

And then he shows us what's under the arrival board at rush hour today:

Lots of peple waiting for a train at Park Street

Of course, a photo like that deserves to be seen larger.

Oh, and Ausrotas, now a hot and miserable UHub photographer, too torpid to roam, reports that when a train finally came in, one car was out of service.

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after a 20 minute wait on the platform, I got on the red line at south station at 6:10pm heading to Ashmont. By 6:40 we only had made it to Savin Hill (4 stops) when we were told we would be standing by for a "schedule adjustment". After 10 minutes of sitting at Savin Hill, I got off the train and called an Uber which got me to my front door in 15 minutes. I suspect if I had stayed on the train, it would have taken over an hour to get from South Station to Ashmont at rush hour. I have really high hopes for speedier trains following the upcoming Ashmont line shutdown in October, but will likely be proven wrong!


Sometimes they'll say 20+, but within 5 minutes change to 10 or even less

There is a lot of talk about slow zones but that’s not the only issue. Frequencies on the red line are still declining as well. It’s the combination of long headways (meaning longer waits and longer boarding times as more people wait like in the above photo) and slow zones that really kill you.


...I watched an Ashmont-bound train slowly creep toward the station, and what should pop into my head but "here he comes, here comes Speed Racer, he's a demon on wheels..."

I don't suppose many folks here will remember that TV show. It was a Japanese anime from the 1960s, dubbed into English, about a race-car driver and his adventures.


I never watched. I was just a fan of a remix of the theme song from the late 90s.


I can't imagine what the Braintree side on the red line looked like.


Weird that our US senators seem to care more about the MBTA performance than our silent state and local elected officials.


Did I say weird? I meant absolutely disgraceful on the part of Honorables Mariano, Spilka, and Healey (for starters).

The green line is trash too, every red sox game day the trains are packed beyond capacity at rush hours. People stranded at Hynes yesterday for 30+ minutes waiting to be able to cram onto a train.

No proper ventilation on below ground stations, only a matter of time before someone passes out onto the tracks. Copley and Hynes stations are a mess, the few barely functioning fans (more than half don't work) don't move air around at all. Structural pillars held together by band aids (literally) and tape.

The C line is the least well served with fewest trains running. Whose great idea was it to only put 2 carriages together?

The MBTA is sink hole of money and garbage. I love public transport, but this system is rotted through.


Structural pillars held together by band aids (literally) and tape.

Yeah I am not sure whats up with the passage way between Red Line OB (to Braintree/Ashmont) to the Orange Line OB (to Oak Grove)

The entire ceiling has been ripped down and parts are being held up by stilts and long lag bolts into the ceiling. Looks like it could come down any day.

And of course my fav is the black pool of goo thats on the IB OL platform (to State) thats just beyond the stairs. Every day it gets more watery and googy. Not sure what I am stepping in...