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Another woman sues Brigham and Women's doctor over alleged sexual molestation in the exam room

A Hull woman today became at least the third former patient of rheumatologist Derrick Todd to sue him over his alleged fondling and groping during office visits - and is seeking to become the lead plaintiff in a class action against him on behalf of even more women who claim he molested them under the guise of medical exams as far back as 2011.

In her medical-malpractice and negligence lawsuit, filed in Suffolk Superior Court, Nancy Larsen also names Brigham and Women's Hospital, medical practices for which he also worked and a number of doctors and executives who allegedly hired him and then failed to properly supervise him, some identified only as "John/Jane Does."

While in the course of his employment, and under the auspices of providing "primary care" to his rheumatology patients, Dr. Todd performed inappropriate pelvic examinations, breast examinations, and rectal examinations on patients. These examinations were performed for his own sexual gratification.

According to her complaint, Larsen saw Todd for her rheumatology issues between 2020 and earlier this year - and that in visits, he "performed inappropriate breast and pelvic examinations" on her.

She said one of the reasons to seek to turn her suit into a class action is because Todd "had thousands of patients over his tenure/career, and he likely assaulted a large number of those patients."

Brigham and Women's fired Todd in July. In September, Todd, who maintains his innocence, agreed to stop practicing medicine while the state Board of Registration in Medicine conducts an investigation.

Second woman sues Brigham and Women's rheumatologist alleging sexual molestation; also charges hospital knew what he was up to and failed to stop him.

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