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Apartments could replace parking garage at Worthington and Smith streets on Mission Hill

Rendering of proposed 45 Worthington St.

Rendering of the four-story front of the building by CBT.

A Newton landlord has proposed replacing a parking garage at 45 Worthington St. with a six-story, 150-unit apartment building aimed at workers in the nearby Longwood Medical Area.

The whole building:

Entire building

In a filing with the BPDA yesterday, the Jefferson Apartment Group says the building would also have an 85-space parking garage to be shared with its neighboring J-Vue building on St. Alphonsus Street. The current two-level garage has 185 spaces.

The proposed building would be serviced entirely by electricity, with no natural-gas connections, Jefferson says, adding the building would comply with the city's affordable-housing regulations, which would mean about 20 apartments rented as affordable.

The Project will fill in the "missing tooth" along Worthington Street with a building that is similar in height and cadence to the existing, adjacent architectural context provided by the historic rowhouses along Worthington Street. Site access for vehicles will be via the existing curb cut on St. Alphonsus Street. A drop-off zone for ride share and quick deliveries (e.g., DoorDash, but not packages) is proposed on Worthington Street to minimize impacts to traffic flow on the street.

45 Worthington St. filings and meeting schedule.

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But if they build enough apartments, it could be worth it. Let's hope that neighborhood opposition doesn't shrink the project.

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Check your math here. It's actually a lot less parking. The current 185 parking spots are used by the 289 unit building that is already there. The proposal calls for reducing the total parking spots to 85 but adding 150 units. This is 85 parking spots for 439 units.

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What is the need for parking here? Its a high transit and walk score environment.

Background note: I used to work in the area. It's much more suited to not using a car than using a car.

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Folks that use public transportation and walk to a lot of places often also have a car. I get the parking debate but 85 spots for 439 units is a bit thin even for a public transportation rich area.

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not a garage.

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It's a ground-level lot on top of a one-level garage.

But speaking of a bit deceptive: Somebody who can count might look at the rendering at the top and say, hey, that's only four floors, not six. It turns out the main drawing they sent along with their filing was artfully rendered to make the thing seem like a four-story building when, in fact, the brick thing is just the four-story front of what is really a more massive six-story building. I've added a second rendering to the story that illustrates that.

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