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Atwood's Tavern in Cambridge is closing

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the Cambridge Street restaurant, bar and music tavern closes for good on March 31.



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I went the BRT link in Adam’s post, and happened to notice that Mark Hurwitz, the BRT majordomo, has a Go Fund Me to help with his father’s medical expenses (it’s at the bottom of the post). I am sure he would appreciate support from UHub users who have benefitted from his news contributions to the site.

Anyway, sorry to hear that we are losing Atwood’s.

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Great venue and a great neighborhood bar with a good beer selection and a fine back patio.

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Love that place, seen some great shows there. Crap.

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This is one of my all time favorite bars in metro Boston. I have seen some amazing shows there. I live in Roxbury and every time I'm at Atwood's I ask myself "why can't we have something nice like this on our side of the river."

Atwood's is the complete package. Good food, good beer selection, incredible music, affordable prices, not too posh, not too much of a dive. If I could open a bar, it would be Atwood's.

This one hurts.

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This place has always been amazing. My writers group has met there once a week every week for sixteen years. When we had to take a break during lockdown it was devastating, and when we came back after I swear Liam shed a tear. I wish there was anything we could do to keep it open.

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