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Aw, who wants to adopt a Storrow Drive overpass?

MassDCR says please don't hit our bridges

DCR is out with an online ad spot that urges newcomers to Boston to keep their rental trucks off the river roads - set to just the sort of plaintive music you'd expect on a late-night ASPCA ad:

For just zero dollars a day you can not hit a bridge or overpass on Storrow Drive and and Soldiers Field Road in Boston and Memorial Drive in Cambridge. ... The bridges, and the trucks, will thank you.



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It's on Threads? That's so July 2023.

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The music, the script, the visuals, the forced calm of the speaker, it is all absolutely perfect. Now it just needs to get sent directly to all incoming students at every single Boston area college and university.

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Sorry to buck the legend, but if you look through the UHub storrowing stories going back more than a decade it seems like as many more locals engage in year round smashing than new arrivals in September.

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Ultimately, the perspective needs to be that there's 365 days in a year, so September 1st can be the most likely day of the year by a good margin to have Storrowings and still only have a small percentage of the overall total.

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For just $0 a day...

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DCR also put it up as a YouTube short.

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