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Back Bay had a glorious sunset

Sunset over the Fens

Ryan took some awesome photos of this evening's sunset in the Fens

Mango Matt, meanwhile, got a great shot of the sun going down over the Back Bay, the Common and downtown:

Back Bay and downtown as the sun went down


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I think that some of the photos taken by "Fenway Ryan" are of the Back Bay Fens.


Correct! I took my pics in the Fens. That's the Muddy in all her phragmites-free glory :)


I did at first think they were all from the Fens-I’d know that riverbend in the large photo anywhere, and of course the positioning of the Pru and other towers in the top right photo are not possible from the Esplanade. But I found some online photos of the Esplanade that closely resemble your photo on the lower right, hence the uncertainty of my comment.

Post has been de-Esplanaded and re-Fensed. That'll teach me there's more than one body of water in the Back Bay (and, yes, the Fenway).