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Barry's Corner deli to re-open in Fenway, in Boylston Street space Tasty Burger is vacating

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that the owners of Our Fathers deli, which closed on North Harvard Street in Allston last year, plans to move into the space Tasty Burger is leaving on Boylston Street in the Fenway to move around the corner to Van Ness Street.

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It’s prime real estate. Maybe the Sox want to keep it as is.

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The same group that owns Tasty owed Our Father's. They also own the CItizen across the street. Good to see them opening up something else in the neighborhood.

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Wasn't Tasty Burger going around the corner because the site they are on is about to become a smoking crater before being built up into a new tower? Why is anything new coming in there?

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Between the interest rate hikes and the unsteady banking sector I've been wondering how many of the projects that have been approved will actually be started anytime soon.

Even in boom times the city approves plenty of big projects which later get withdrawn, revised, or take a decade to start.

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