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Board approves 79-apartment building on Terrace Street on Mission Hill

Rendering of Terrace Street proposal

Rendering by Placetailor Elton + Hampton Design.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved a developer's plans to replace an auto-body shop and houses at 110 Terrace St. with a six-story, 79-unit apartment building with 32 parking spaces.

Developer Matthew O'Hara's proposal would also include widening the sidewalk along Terrace from 6 to 8 1/2 feet, installing a Bluebikes station and carving out an emergency access path in the back out of what his architect said is now an "ailanthus grove" between the lot and the Orange Line tracks for both firefighters and the MBTA.

14 of the units would be rented as affordable.

O'Hara needed several variances, including permission for building housing on land zoned for industrial uses - on a street where industrial uses have been giving way in recent years to residential buildings.

110-128R Terrace St. filings.

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Great project. If anything, 32 spots seems like still more than needed given it's a block from Roxbury Crossing, but I'll take it!

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Even folks that live near public transportation have cars.

Just because someone lives near the T or even uses the T on a daily basis does not guarantee they don't have a car. Most do and given the condition of the T these days I think more and more will.

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If you want a car in the city, then don't move to a place with no where to park it.

It really isn't that hard to grasp.

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Once again you have shown your inability to understand a comment.

We get that you are the resident U-Hub shit-stirrer but sometimes you gotta understand the context before replying. And 3...2...1...

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The issue isn't whether some people want to have cars, it's whether there's enough demand from people who DON'T have a car... and there for sure is.

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