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Board approves dispensary for Cleary Square in Hyde Park, but owner says she won't open until after that darn bridge is fixed

The Zoning Board of Appeal on Tuesday approved a marijuana dispensary at 1295-1297 River St., in Hyde Park, but owner Geneise Israel said that even if she now quickly gets the required state approval, she won't open her door until after the decaying and now closed River Street Bridge right next door is re-opened.

State transportation officials say they hope to get the bridge-re-opened, at least on a temporary basis, to vehicle traffic next spring while they have an all new custom bridge built off site and then transported for permanent installation.

In response to questions from board members, Israel said she didn't think security at the proposed pot shop would be an issue, not just because of the cameras she intends to install but because the shop backs up against the parking lot of the District E-18 police station - with which she would share a driveway for deliveries.

Although the shop would have no dedicated customer parking, she noted there is a large public lot just across the street, behind the post office and next to the train station.

Israel added that her shop would use the leftmost of the three entrances in the building's unusual three-door entrance.



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Much cheaper to buy it illegally.

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