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Board approves extra floor for apartment building already under construction in Uphams Corner

Rendering of finished Dudley Street building

Rendering with red box showing the extra floor.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved a sixth floor for a five-story building now under construction at 734-742 Dudley St. in Dorchester.

Property owner Valdomiro DePina's attorney, John Pulgini, told the board that the bank financing the development essentially said it would provide no additional funds. He said DePina, who lives in the neighborhood and has owned the property for three decades, proposed adding an additional floor, increasing the number of units from 20 to 25 - and reducing the parking from 12 to 5 spaces.

The building will have ground-floor retail space.

The BPDA originally approved the five-story project in 2017. It approved the extra floor this past April.

Pulgini said one of the five new units would be rented as affordable, in addition to the three DePina had already agreed to provide.

Nobody spoke against the proposal. Through an aide, City Councilor Frank Baker (Dorchester) supported the idea.

734 Dudley St. filings.



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More housing, less parking, more usable green space. That's a win!

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