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Boston Police bring back walking beat in one part of Dorchester

The Dorchester Reporter reports on the return of a walking beat to Bowdoin/Geneva.



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Yes, progress!

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Everything old is new again.

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Is there any evidence that foot patrols have an impact on crime rates?

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It certainly fits with my model of what kinds of policing work and don't work. Having cops out there interacting with people more directly can help (re)build trust and engagement, as it facilitates recognition and therefore relationships. Cops on foot are clearly more likely to spot something unpleasant going down/about to go down than a cop rolling down the street in a box; they're closer to the actual people, more aware of their surroundings, moving more slowly, and can hear what's going on. The sight of a cop is a better deterrent than a vague calculus of chances of getting caught × severity of punishment.

At a glance I found https://www.ojp.gov/ncjrs/virtual-library/abstracts/foot-patrol but I haven't looked through it to see if it's a good study or not.

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In my experience it is very hard to find a street corner dealer in illicit goods in areas where walking beats take place. Just saying.

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Magoo ‘members a time when 95% of police officers tummies were not reminiscent of a muffin top. Seems like many police officers these days have tummy troubles. Magoo suspects that mabes walking a beat will help wif the belly blues. Tee hee hee. Magoo.

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