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Boylston Street could end up with two Trader Joe's - one regular sized, one pint sized

The Boston Licensing Board this morning approved plans for a 16,500-square-foot Trader Joe's at 500 Boylston St., with enough room for liquor sales, but the chain says it will also keep its current, world's-smallest Trader Joes's, just four blocks away at 889 Boylston St.

"We have no plans to close our existing Back Bay store," chain spokesperson Nakia Rohde said this morning.



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The current Boylston Street location is the smallest TJ’s in the world. Would be a shame to lose it!

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I concur!

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No matter which TJ's you go to (even out in Saugus) its always a zoo. Having two close to each other would actually be a benefit!

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