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Braintree man charged with brick break-in at Newbury Street boutique

Boston Police report arresting one of the two men they say used a brick to smash their way into Valentino, 47 Newbury St. early Monday and made off with a variety of high-priced Italian women's items.

Police say they had identified a "vehicle of interest" in the smash-in and that around 4:15 p.m. on Friday, D-4 officers on patrol spotted it on Melnea Cass Boulevard just before the intersection with Massachusetts Avenue, stopped it and arrested the driver, at first for various driving violations and for narcotics found in his possession, but also for the burglary, police say.

Wayne O’Keefe, 50, of Braintree, was charged with breaking and entering, driving without a license, driving an unregistered vehicle and possession of both Class A and Class B drugs, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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Glad they got the guys!

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Since when is this a crime again?

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You posting comments?

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Since at least the 1970's when the war on Drugs started (possession of both Class A and Class B drugs) or if you prefer since Driving without a license and Driving an unregistered vehicle became illegal in massachusetts in 1903. He's dead to rights on those charges.

If you're asking why the car was stopped it was because it "fits the profile" of a "vehicle of interest" which may have been involved in the smash and grab break-in early last Monday morning.

If you've never been stopped for fitting the profile I congratulate you.

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Presumably he was engaged in drug trade and illegal driving for awhile, but was only nabbed after visiting a Newbury boutique.

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I think he made his living on break-ins then got involved with drugs and they caused his downfall.

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