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Brassica expansion in Forest Hills wins approval

The Boston Licensing Board today approved plans by Brassica Kitchen + Cafe on Washington Street across from the Forest Hills T station to expand into the space next door where the Dogwood Cafe used to be.

Board members considered delaying any vote until after the restaurant's owners met with the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council on Sept. 5 - city boards normally require such neighborhood meetings - , but agreed that the fact that Brassica had not met with the council before the vote may not have been the restaurant's fault but may have been due to staff changes within the city Office of Neighborhood Services.

Board Chairwoman Kathleen Joyce initially called for a delay, saying that because Brassica would continue to operate in its current space, holding off for a month or so would mean minimal harm while letting the community have its say. Board member Keeana Saxon agreed.

But board member Liam Curran convinced them to approve the project today, since it the Dogwood space was already outfitted for a restaurant and that it "wasn't clear" why the community-comment process failed. "Without an explanation, I didn't really want to hold them up on this one," he said.

At a hearing yesterday, Brassica's attorney had asked for the board to approve the expansion today, saying the restaurant was a known quantity in the neighborhood and that a delay could cause "some business concerns."

When done, the expansion will mean a Brassica with 126 seats, two bars and two separate outdoor patios.



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Prefix menu plus wine pairing was outstanding! A++++

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I thought they were in talks to partner with the revamped Doyle's whenever that eventually opens -- I suppose that deal fell through? Progress at the Doyle's site seems pretty glacial, maybe they hit some snags? Big contrast with some of the other big construction projects just a bit farther up Washington St.

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