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Brighton Center bakery and cafe is closing; might be looking for a smaller space

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Athan's on Washington Street in Brighton could be closing this week. It's a few doors up from Daniel's Bakery.

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They could be hit or miss with the food, and the pastry was better on some days than others, but when they got it right it was a pretty damn good breakfast for a steal. Greek scrambled eggs with feta and loukaniko for under $10? Tasty and filling.

I hope they find a smaller space in the neighborhood. It was always very clear the space was too big for them. I'm sad that South of the Clouds also closed -- they purportedly moved but I haven't seen info on a new location. I moved out of the neighborhood a couple years ago and this makes me want to swing by to support Brighton Bodega, Esperia Grill, MDM Noodles, Johnny D's and Jim's, Devlin's and Corrib.

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