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Brighton Center taco place shut due to possible salmonella outbreak

NBC Boston reports city and state health officials are investigating a salmonella outbreak linked to Los Amigos, 366 Washington St. in Brighton Center.

ISD records show a health inspector ordered the place shut Thursday:

There are multiple reports of a foodborne illness from items consumed at this location. Establishment was issued a TSOP (Temporary suspension of the Permit). Samples were taken of implicated items,cooled/stored under refrigeration. All food items have been embargoed.Owner has been instructed not to handle any food items at this time without approval from the Health Division.

In addition to the outbreak issue, the inspector also found the kitchen had no sanitizer, a walk-in refrigerator was "observed with visible soils & mold like substance" and kitchen shelving had "visible rust & soils."



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I was thinking about getting burritos from the West Roxbury location but they were closed. Now I know why

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...before Los Amigos, was much better. Truly amazing carnitas.

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