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BU agrees to sell Los Angeles apartments to residents, rather than to developers

The Daily Free Press reports Boston University will sell all four Los Angeles apartment buildings it owned to its tenants, rather than selling one of them to the highest bidders, who might have kicked the tenants out. BU was willed the building by Frederick S. Pardee, a real estate investor and BU alumnus and donor.

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That’s what the article states, the BU originally only wanted to sell 3 to the land trust.

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Post corrected.

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"West of 495"


But also, adjacent to the La Cienaga Metro station. Probably would have been more houses if it had been sold to a developer, but likely of a different type, this sort of looks like what The Dude lived in in the Big Lebowski. And plenty of warehouses around there if someone wants to buy something up to redevelop (also, a new parking garage because walking to the train station with 8-lane-wide roads is not a thing). Lots of new buildings nearby, too.

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