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Roslindale turkeys fought the law and they won

Turkey charging a Boston Police cruiser

Officer tries to back up to no avail: Terror tom just keeps coming.

The other day, Spencer Roach watched a confrontation between one of the neighborhood tough toms and a Boston Police officer in a cruiser, from the safety of his fenced-in yard at Metropolitan Avenue and Poplar Street in Roslindale.

The turkey charged. The officer retreated. The turkey kept coming and got close enough to start mercilessly attacking the cruiser. The officer briefly rolled his window down for a tete-a-bec, but the bird refused to listen to reason. Finally, the officer saw his escape route: He slowly turned toward the curb and, as the turkey began getting ready to apply the coup de grace, he floored it, going faster than even the hopped up turkey could run.



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it will just delay the inevitable.

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Turkey versus The Sheriff.

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Car 1, turkey 0. Problem solved.

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